Technology Support and Coaching

Foundations & Essentials

  • Protect yourself from viruses and spyware
  • Keep your system updated — operating systems, programs and peripherals
  • Backup your data — and create a plan to keep it backed up, automatically
  • Set up and manage printers, scanners, wireless networks or other peripherals
  • Prepare for, learn to prevent, or recover from disaster (viruses, hard drive failure, lightening strikes)
  • Learn how to avoid “phishing” or ID theft — and how to detect urban legends and scams
  • Enhance your basic skills and build your computer confidence

Core Productivity Boosters

  • Skills enhancement and advanced software training – learn to manage mail merges, spreadsheet formulas and more with style
  • Learn about blogging, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and RSS
  • Take advantage of "cloud computing" — share and synchronize calendars, documents, contacts and more across locations, organizations or families
  • Become a Road Warrior — make the most of smartphones, virtual connections and cellular modems

Maximize Your Gadgets

  • Video conference with business partners — or grandkids
  • Organize and share your photos and videos
  • Choose and learn to use mobile devices — smartphones (iPhone/Android/Blackberry), tablets (iPads and others), eReaders (Kindle, Nook), cameras
  • Manage and enjoy your music — on your PC, your phone, or through your existing home stereo equipment
  • Organize your recipes, your holiday cards mailing list, your genealogy research, you name it