Help Me Now!

Start by Calling or Emailing Us

All support requests begin with a conversation by phone or email. During that conversation, we will ask questions to help determine the best way to solve your problem. A surprising number of problems can be solved through a simple question-and-answer process, but when that's not quite enough, Tech-Tamer offers technical support three different ways:

  1. Remote Support: If you have a working internet connection, we can use software to see what is on your screen and control your computer over the internet (that is, without having to leave our own desks). This is often the quickest, most cost-effective support solution.
  2. Drop-off Service: If your problem can't be solved remotely but you can bring your computer to us, that can save time as well as money.
  3. On-Site Visits: Some problems or situations call for hands-on attention; we are available to make house-calls within most of the greater Boston area. We do charge a higher hourly rate for on-site service, and also charge a travel fee to locations that are significantly distant from us (we are located right near the intersection of Rt. 128 and the MA Turnpike).

Tech-Tamer support is available during normal business hours. We are are also available during many evenings and weekends when necessary.

Start a Remote Support Session

Remote support sessions must always start with a phone call or email conversation (we need to prepare to accept your incoming remote support request). Once we've agreed on a time, we'll direct you to click the "Share Screen" button below to begin a support session.

More Details on Remote Support

We actually use several different remote support sofware programs, each with different strengths. The program above, called CrossLoop, is our current favorite way for a new customer to get connected quickly and securely. Clicking the "Share Screen" button will initiate the process of downloading and installing a small program onto your computer. It will then ask you to all us to access your computer for a set period (anywhere from 1 hour to 1 year). We'll walk you through the process by phone, when we can also answer any other questions you may have about the process or the software. When we are done, you can uninstall the software, or simply close it and leave it installed for re-use on some other occasion.