Computer Troubleshooting and Repair

Help Me Now!

Call us at 617-332-5374. We can solve many problems quickly and efficiently by phone or using remote control software (visit our Help! page to learn more). We also offer on-site help in Newton and surrounding communities, or you can bring your machine to us. And yes, we do offer evening and weekend help!

How We Can Help

  • Software -- We can diagnose and fix problems like:
    • Viruses and other malware infections
    • Connections -- wired or wireless, to the Internet, to printers, or to other computers in your house
    • Email issues
    • Mysterious software malfunctions
  • Hardware -- We can repair or replace common hardware issues such as:
    • a crashed hard drive
    • flaky RAM (memory)
    • a failed power supply

We can also assess whether an upgrade makes sense, and choose and install the parts for you, or guide you through the purchase and installation yourself.

And we can persuade digital equipment — cellphones, cameras, music players and the like — to play nicely with your computer.


For basic troubleshooting tips, visit our article Where to Start: Troubleshooting. We also offer free advice on a variety of other topics such as Backing Up and Choosing a New Computer -- or see our complete list of Free Advice.


We charge a standard hourly fee for most work, although we do offer set fees for some specific problems. We also offer a number of service agreements for ongoing support. Please see our Pricing page for more details.